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Sonke was stated to solve a very specific problem…

The poorest South Africans are currently paying a premium for the consumer goods.
The reason is that they don’t have the disposable income to buy the biggest pack sizes. As they trade down in size, the price and environmental impact increase exponentially! We call this the “poverty tax” as it only applies to the most impoverished among us. 
See the graphic below…

This trendholds true for any FMCG product.


Sonke designs, manufactures and manages automated refill stations for FMCG products. These refill stations eliminate single use packaging and offer shoppers up to 50% cost savings. Sonke refill machines always sell goods at the bulk price, regardless of the pack size purchased.

Sonke can refill any liquid product – regardless of density/viscosity. 

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Sonke refill machines are proudly South African; designed & built by our in-house team.

  • 99% Fill accuracy
  • Integrated with Retailer POS system
  • 0,3m2 machine footprint
  • 65% reduction in merchandising time
  • Fully IoT enabled

Our software is proudly South African; designed & built by our in-house team.

Our software enables;
  • Live sales tracking
  • Automated Replenishment Alerts 
  • Live stock-holding monitoring
  • Automated connectivity checks
  • Remote firmware updates
  • Full Traceability control
  • Live Dashboard summary of info 

Our machines enable shoppers to buy at the bulk price point.

Our technology enables the poorest shoppers the benefit of buying at the same price as bulk buyers. Further, our systems eliminate expensive packaging and unnecessary material handling. These savings are then passed on to those that need it most!

Our automated refill stations allow you to bring your own container for refilling.

Simply place your container under the designated nozzle, select the volume you need, press “start” and the machine will dispense the quantity you’ve chosen and print out a matching barcode. It’s a convenient, waste-free way to access your essential products.

Our intervention significantly reduces single-use plastic waste by eliminating the need for excessive packaging.

Each refill prevents plastic bottles, caps, and other packaging from entering the environment. With the number of units we have in trade, we’re making a tangible positive impact on reducing plastic waste.

We welcome partnerships with retailers who share our vision for social inclusion and environmental sustainability.

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Yes we do.

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Our Goal Is Simple

To find new ways to delivery more value to more people while eliminating waste