Automated Refill Stations
that save money and the planet.

Sonke is a dynamic tech start-up that is committed to having a positive impact on the lives of the people we care about and the environment we live in.

We create and intelligently deliver technology, processes and systems that transform the way we consume. We do this by eliminating waste that offers consumers up to 50% savings.

Our Impact

We monitor our impact in live time.

Every refill has a positive impact on the people we care about and the environment we live in… 



Packaging diverted
from landfill


What sets us Apart?

We started out small. Out of our home.
So that we could make a difference in other people’s homes.
With products used in the home to make life that bit better. You could say our reason for existence comes straight from the heart, right to the home. 

Uncompromising Integrity

We always act in the best interest of our shopper and our planet. We strive to deliver the best tech to create monetary value and eliminate environmental impact because we believe the two aren’t mutually exclusive. 

Unwavering Optimism

We get up in the morning to make a difference in the lives of as many South Africans as humanly possible because we believe there is always a better way. We believe it is ‘both/and’ not ‘either/or’. We’re practical optimists who’ll always find a way forward.

Consumer Champions

Deserve more. It’s simply not good enough that those who can least afford it, get charged the most. We will always be in the shoppers corner, helping them to make smarter decisions more often. We will always add more value with less waste. We will always do more with less, for the sake our shoppers.

Courageous Mindset

We have a big job to do. FMCG needs disrupting and people need a big wake-up call. They are paying more, for things they don’t need and the planet can do without. We think that needs to change.

The Future of Consumption is Circular

At Sonke, we believe that innovation is the key to unlocking a brighter future. 
With a passion for positive change and a commitment to pioneering solutions, we are dedicated to reshaping industries and shaping a world where sustainability and prosperity go hand in hand.
Join us on this journey as we redefine the way we consume, one refill at a time.